Everyone Needs A Little Foresight

We are the “Integrated tax, accounting and business management solution for small businesses.” We know that small business owners have a ton on their plate and are required to be experts in all facets of their business.

Foresight’s business model includes assigning each client their own team of professionals. This includes a Foresight Partner or CPA to work with them strategically up front and throughout their time with Foresight on what their accounting and tax needs are. The team includes a main ‘Point of Contact’ accountant that will be in-charge of the on-going functions (processing payroll, bookkeeping, tax) who will work closely with the Foresight Partner and the client to implement the strategic plan. Lastly, the team includes Foresight’s back office of professionals from tax CPAs to administrative support that are all available to our clients. This model allows our clients to have available all of Foresight’s resources immediately. Our team is here to serve you.

Foresight ensures you are COMPLIANT using CPA’s, Enrolled Agents and well-trained accounting professionals so our clients get the best team working with their businesses. This team effort allows Foresight to help with other functions of the business so the business owner can FOCUS on their core competencies and get the best use of their time, whether that be on the business or at home with their family. Foresight’s business model is to help small businesses GROW using our team of professionals to assist in planning, business strategy and outsourcing controller-type services.