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March 23, 2021
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July 1, 2021
ways to keep tax documents organized

Ways to Keep Documents Organized

for 2021 Tax Season

Even though we are past the 2020 tax season and summer has officially kicked off, it is never too early to begin to prepare for next year! Keep your finances in excellent shape by applying these organizational tips for both businesses and individuals! 

How to Upkeep Tax Information for Your Business

You have enough to worry about as a business owner, and when tax time arrives, you don’t want the added stress factor! These quick points will help you determine what can be improved upon when tracking and maintaining your tax-oriented records. 

  • As a business owner, it is crucial that the entity finances and accounting records are kept separate from their personal records.
  • Look into opening a business bank account to ensure records will be correct for the company.
  • If the finances are commingled, things can get very complicated.  Additionally, if not segregated, it is difficult to determine the actual economic well-being and stability of the business.
  • The business owner should keep an organized file of all receipts.
  • By holding onto and organizing receipts, business owners are keeping a record of information that could be useful for future reference.
  • Also, when it comes time to file taxes, you as a business owner will have up to date and accurate records. This leads to a more efficient and precise calculation for maximum tax benefit.

Following these suggestions will assist in saving both time and money along the way, as well as allowing the business to run smoother. 

Ways to Maintain Tax Information for Individual Filing 

Wouldn’t it be nice if as soon as February comes, you can easily hand off your already prepared tax information right off to your accountant? You’d probably file earlier than most people, and reap the benefits! That’s the goal when it comes to these organizational hacks for keeping your documents maintained throughout the year. 

  • Have an appointed place for all tax related work papers and documents. It is extremely important that tax documents are not lost or misplaced. This could be a designated folder in a filing cabinet or a separate desk drawer where only tax information is placed.
  • Separate the various tax documents into categories. By creating an organized system, filing your taxes will be a much easier process for all years that follow. Some categories would be income, donations, and investments. 
  • If you are ever unsure of whether or not you need to hold onto a certain document for tax purposes, keep it anyways! If you ever have questions, ask your accountant and they will be able provide you with the answers.
  • If you continue to keep orderly records of all tax related information, consider filing as early as you can. It will be easier to get in touch with your accountant before the busy season picks up, leading to less stress for both parties involved.

Stay organized and stay ahead of the game! Tax season can be a frustrating time for individuals; deadlines approach faster than we realize. Do what you can to decrease or eliminate that stress, and tax season will be no sweat!