Quickbooks In The Cloud

Host your QuickBooks file on Foresight’s Virtual Server.  Just another feature Foresight offers to business clients to help save time to focus on more of what they love.


  • Can access anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection on your computer, tablet or other mobile device.
  • Access through Internet Explorer, or through Remote Desktop Program (RDP) on your computer or mobile device
  • No need for program maintenance on applications hosted on the Cloud.
  • One monthly user access fee that includes hosting QuickBooks on the Cloud, access to Microsoft Office Suite (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and Foxit Phantom PDF reader/writer.
  • Option available to lease a QuickBooks in the Cloud instead of purchasing the license.
  • Simplified accounting process – no need to send accountant versions or backup copies of the QuickBooks file back and forth.
  • Full Desktop version of QuickBooks in a Multi-User environment.
  • Document management and storage for financial documents and information.
  • Simple way of exchanging financial information with Foresight.
  • Nightly offsite backup of information and files stored on the Cloud.
  • Secure & centralized location for your financial information.
  • Private Virtual Server managed and maintained by Cloud9, a certified SAS 70 Type II & SSAE 16 Type II Data Center.
  • Works with both PC and MAC computers.