Need Some Guidance?

Start here if you need a little Foresight with income tax preparation and tax planning.  Foresight can help prepare simple returns with just W-2 wages to more complex returns with multiple sources of income from pass-through or real-estate investments or multi-state tax filing requirements.

Services we can provide for individuals :

  • Income Tax Preparation (Federal, State and Local)
  • Business Income
  • Real Estate Income
  • Multi-state filing requirements
  • Tax Planning Strategy specific to your needs (pre-tax retirement savings, tax credits, deductions)
  • Additional Services – please contact us to find out more

We know… all CPA firms perform similar services… But why choose Foresight over them?

  • You can work with our team of experienced CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and dedicated accounting professionals, OR you can work with part-time and seasonal employees at popular retail tax prep outlets
  • Our team is responsive and focuses on your client experience VERSUS a sole practitioner who only has so many hours in the day to be responsive
  • We don’t bill you for 15 minute phone calls (like other professionals do)

Thinking about starting a business?

See our Start-Up Business Services Page. We can help guide you into the world of self-employment and take you from a sole proprietor to a separate legal entity.  Foresight helps the prospective business owner with proper planning and forward-looking thought.

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